Auto Spanker

This is my portable spanking machine. This spanking machine is not a stand-alone device. It must be attached to another piece of furniture or some other solid structure. It is designed to be mounted to the left knee rest of any of my spanking benches. If you are mechanically inclined, you can adapt it to other structures. You will have the option to buy the spanking machine by itself, or with the stand. The stand is 2' tall and allows you to raise the spanking machine up an additional 6". The stand also allows for up to 6" adjustment forward or backwards. Please be aware that the spanking machine cannot stand up by itself, even if you purchase the stand. The stand much be attached to another structure. Get the stand absolutely free when you order with any of my spanking benches. The spanking machine delivers one moderate spanking blow about every 1.5 seconds. The best way I can describe the strength of the spank is to say that it is harder than a love tap but not as hard as most people can administer. Another way to describe it would be to say that if you are wearing blue jeans, you will hardly be phased by the spank. But if you are bare bottom or wearing thin underwear, it delivers quite a stinging blow. The spanking machine comes with 2 paddles and a six-foot-long remote control. The paddles or made of 1/4" thick pine wood. They are 20" long by 1 1/2" wide.