Self bondage exercise bench

Have you always wanted to get in shape, but just didn't have the discipline needed to complete your goal? Well, if you like to exercise, and you like bondage, why not combine the two? The self-bondage exercise bench may be just the ticket for you. Use it like any regular exercise bench. Or take advantage of its kinky hidden features. Want to do 20 sit-ups? Just punch in 20 into the electronic digital counter. This will automatically turn on the electric magnets. Now put on the special handcuffs, sit on the end of the bench. Attach the buckle style handcuff to the eye bolt on the right side of the bench. Now place your left handcuffs over the magnet. The powerful magnet will pull the cuff to it. Now you better get busy, because you're stuck there until you do the 20 sit-ups. The Built-in electric eye will be watching your every move. It will not register a single count until you lay all the way down and come all the way back up. It also has a push-up function that is monitored by the same eye. You can also use the bench in the self-bondage mode. When the bench is in the self-bondage mode, the magnets are turned on and will go off automatically after one hour. The bench is 54" long, 18" wide, and 20" high. It is made of beautifully sanded and stained 2 x 4 wood. The cushions are 2" thick foam covered with a strong durable vinyl. There are two powerful electric magnets used for bondage. Each magnet has 180 lbs. lift rating. This bench does not use batteries but is plugged into a standard outlet.