Steel Stockade bench

This is our heavy duty steel stockade bench. Made of 1 1/2" welded steel square tubing. This bench is built for the serious spankees, and is guaranteed to hold any big boy or girl. The stockade is made of 2 x 10 x 32" long pine wood. All the openings are hand sanded for a smooth finish. The neck opening will fit up to a 19" neck. The two wrist openings are 2 /34" diameter. The stockade height can be adjusted up are down as much as 4" to get the perfect height. The chest rest is 16" wide by 17" long. It is covered with 2" foam padding, than topped off with durable, yet comfortable black vinyl. The chest rest height is 30" off the floor. The two knee rest are 14" off the floor. They are 6" wide, and 19" long. They too are covered with 2" thick foam, topped with black vinyl. The two knee rest are mounted on hinges. This allows them to be adjusted to almost any angle, or easily removed simply by removing a pin.