Sex machine bench

Like my regular spanking bench. It is made of beautifully sanded and painted 2 x 4 wood. The chest rest is 10" wide, and 27" long. It is covered with two inches of foam padding, topped off with a soft, smooth, but durable vinyl. The two arm rest are made of 2 x 4 cut 14" long. They too are covered with 2" thick foam, then topped off with black vinyl. The two knee rest are 19" long, and 6" wide. Like the arms, they are covered with 2" thick foam, and black vinyl. The knee rest are designed to be mounted parallel to each other, or at an angle to spread the legs apart. They can also be easily removed for storage. There are four eye bolts located in just the right spot to attach handcuffs and ankle cuffs. There Is plenty of space to add additional eye bolts if you like. There is a power computerized sex machine mounted underneath the rear of the bench. The angle of the sex machine can be adjusted so that it will meet up perfect with your male member. If you have a large belly, it may not be possible to get the sex machine to align properly with you. The sex machine have over 20 different modes. The modes are as follow: • Spin clockwise • Spin counter clockwise • Alternate between clock wise and counter clockwise • Short back and forth piston strokes • Long back and forth piston strokes • Alternate between long and short strokes • Short stroke and spin clockwise • Short stroke and spin counter clockwise • Long stroke and spin clock wise • Long stroke and spin counter clockwise • Short stroke with alternating spins • Long stroke with alternating spin • 4 different speeds for all the above modes The sex machine can also be removed for cleaning or used by itself. Just plug it into a USB port to recharge it’s battery. If you like doggy style sex, you will love this sex machine.


Available Options:

Leather ankle cuffs:

Leather handcuffs:

Time release handcuffs: