Our male sex machine is primarily designed for use while lying in a bed. Although it can also be used on a floor, couch, or chair. It has a base made of 1/4" thick plastic. The base has a bell shape to it, which is 8" wide at is most narrow width, and 13" wide at it widest width. It is 12" long. The sex machine is mounted on 3/4" round x 2' long structural metal pipe. It is attached with a fitting that allows the sex machine to be easily adjusted up or down the length of the pipe with the simple turn of a knob. A second knob allows adjustment for the angle of the sex machine. To use the sex machine, simply lye on your back, slide the base of the sex machine under your legs for stability. Raise the machine to the proper height. Than adjust the angle. Press the button to turn the machine on. It is battery operated, so there are no cords to mess with. The sex machine have over 20 different modes. The modes are as follow: • Spin clockwise • Spin counter clockwise • Alternate between clock wise and counter clockwise • Short back and forth piston strokes • Long back and forth piston strokes • Alternate between long and short strokes • Short stroke and spin clockwise • Short stroke and spin counter clockwise • Long stroke and spin clock wise • Long stroke and spin counter clockwise • Short stroke with alternating spins • Long stroke with alternating spin • 4 different speeds for all the above modes The sex machine can also be removed for cleaning or used by itself. Just plug it into a USB port to recharge it’s battery. Due to the intimate nature of this product, no returns are accepted.


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