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By Paul, from Nashville
I just got my new robospanker & bench, today. It is wonderful. I have not been spanked like this in a very long time. I had two of the best paddlings I had in years. I was very close to tears on my second spanking. I also got the bench, w. mine & cant wait to try it out. It should be just like going over-the-knee.:: My try-out spankings were bare bottomed & all the rest shall be, as well. My intent to to work my tolerance up to maximum, on both speed & intensity. I want to get on my bench, hit the ON button, & let the tears flow.::THANK YOU once again for the robospanker. It is the MOST wonderful thing I have EVER to my Harley.

By Precilla, from New York
We were both a little hesitant to try a spanking machine at first, mainly because we thought it would take away from the personal touch of spanking in the traditional fashion. But things had been rather drab in our sex life anyways, so we thought, what the heck, lets try it. Maybe it would spice up things a little. I still remember how excited we were when the machine first arrived. We could not wait to try it. So we both got it unpacked real quick, and began to play with it. Larry was quick to strap me down to the vibrator-spanking bench. (Being the dominant person he is) Than he turned on the vibrator. I could not believe the stimulation that came from that vibrator, & boy, what a rush. Next he blindfolded me. Than I heard him walk away a little, and I heard him turn on a switch. The next thing I know I felt a hard whack on my behind. First I thought it was him, but I did not remember hearing him walk behind me. Than I felt another whack. Again I thought, that got to be him hitting me. I still remember how exciting it was with the vibrator going. Suddenly I felt him pull my hair. Than I felt another hard lick on the behind. I knew now, that it was the machine hitting me, because he was standing right in front of me and pulling on my hair. Than I heard him unzip his pants. He than jerked my hair back & made me open my mouth wide. Seems like a really hard lick followed right afterward. Next thing I know, his penis was in my mouth. I will never forget how exciting that was, I was sucking on his penis, having my pussy teased by the vibrator
spanking bench, and being spanked all at the same time. I could not help but to burst in one of the biggest orgasm I have ever had. Needless to say, this machine is now a regular part of our sex life. Thanks, DD Machinery for coming up with such a wonderful invention.

By Ron in Florida
I just recieved my robospanker yesterday. It has proved to be the best money I have ever spent on my spanking fetish - and I have spent more than I can count over the years! I have had a lot of spanking playmates over the years, but this is the best one - its what a spanking SHOULD feel like. I tried to post a tetimonial with details about how great your product is, but got a web page not avaialbe when I clicked on the link on your site to "add testimonial" If you get the add testimonial link fixed I will be glad to post a detailed review. Everyone who loves spanking should have one of these. its great. I can not imagine being without this thing now. It looks like it could last a life time. Thanks again for all your help. Read more.
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