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By Paul in Nashville Tenessee
I had the older version of the Robospanker, and just got the new design. The medium setting on the new machine is about equal to the hard setting on the old design. Fantastic machine! OMG! My first padding after my calls was outstanding. I am sore to the bone. I just had, to have a "second dose". This time on my bare bottom. I am on fire. Will be sleeping on my tummy tonite. WOW! OUCHIE! What a great paddling. Thank You! Paul
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By Miss Terese in New Jersey
Your Robospanker is a big hit....yes pun intended. I used the holie paddle with 15 minute settings on medium on a sub that can take a good spanking and by ten minutes he was using his safeword. His bottom was well spanked. Visit
By Jake, in California
I am just writing to let you know that I finally broke down and bought a Robospanker machine. I have to be honest with you, I was really reluctant for a long time. I had been looking at this other spanking machine which is powered by an air compressor, and it looked like it would spank a lot harder. So I was convinced that was the one for me. But than a friend of mines called me and told me he had bought one of those air powered machines. I went over and tried it out, and it really did spank hard. But the noise from the air compressor drove me nuts. I knew I could not deal with that. And frankly, that is what convinced me to go ahead and buy your machine. And boy was I pleasantly surprised. It was a hundred times more quiet, and I swear it spanked just as hard. Maybe even harder. My ass was burning for a long time after that session. Thanks a lot for a great product. Sorry I was so reluctant for so long.

By Phillip, in the UK
I have the new and improved version of the Robospanker. Always wanted to get a good spanking in bed. And boy does this deliver. Before I bought it, I thought I would get a good spanking every night. But after trying it, I think I better make it every other night. I have not tried the other positions yet, but for bed spanking, this is great.

By Ms Robin, From West Des Moines, Iowa
I can not recommend this spanking machine more, It has been a wonderful addition to my dungeon. I can now be with more than one sub at a time.

Ben, from Nashville
I just got my new robospanker & bench, today. It wonderful. I have not been spanked like this in a very long time. I had two of the best paddlings I have had in years. I was very close to tears on my second spanking. I also got the bench, w. mine 7 cant wait to rty it out. It should be just like going over- the-knee. My try-out spankings were bare bottomed & all the rest shall be, as well. My intent to to work my tolerance up to maximum, on high speed & intensity. I want to get on my bench, hit the ON button, & let the tears flow. THANK YOU once again for the robospanker. It is the MOST wonderful thing I have EVER to my Harley.

By Howard Sterns in New York
I can not thank you guys enough for Robospanker. It is a great product.

By Mark in LA (About the Robospanker)
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