Robospanker with doggy stockade

This special package includes the world famous Robospanker machine, and our adjustable doggy style stockade. The Robospanker is not just a small spanking toy, it is a powerful spanking and punishing machine! The Robospanker has adjustable height to accommodate almost any spanking situation. The paddle swings both horizontally, and vertical. You can tilt the angle of the spank to a multitude of different angles. It comes with a speed control remote control, which allow you to activate the machine for self spanking without a partner. The Robospanker is guaranteed to deliver the most excruciating spank of a lifetime. It comes with our doggy style stockade. The head of the stockade is made of a 2 x 12 x 12 inch board. While the hand stockade is made of a 2 x 6 x 24" board.The hole for the neck is made to fit a neck size as large as 20 inch. The two wrist holes are 2 1/2" inch diameters. It will fit most wrist size. All openings are hand sanded for a smooth finish. The ankle stockade is made of a 2 x 6 x 15 inch board. It has two 3 1/2 inch holes for the ankles. Both stockades are hinged on one end, and have a hasp on the other end for adding a padlock. (padlock not included) The two stockades are connected by 1 1/2" telescoping steel tubing. You can adjust the distance between the two stockades from 20" to 36". Once you lock your sub in place, it will be easy to see why we call this the doggy style stockade. The two stockades can be positioned too close to each other to allow your sub to stretch out. Therefore, they are forced to keep the rear end in the air. This position allows for all source of fun activities. Works great with the Robospanker.


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