Time cuffs for steel bench

This is the worlds first automatic time release handcuffs. Designed for those self bondage fanatics. This is the ultimate self bondage device. The type that you have been looking for all of your life. Well now its here. Before the invention of these time released handcuffs, almost all self bondage with auto release depended on melting ice. This is a fine method, and very safe. However you had very little control over the exact time of release. These mechanical handcuffs are designed to release at any preset time from 5 to 60 minutes. This makes it perfect for delivering a punishing spanking that you are not able to stop, or walk away from. Here is how it works. There are two handcuffs made of synthetic leather with stainless steel straps attached to each cuffs. The cuffs are attached to the wrist an adjustable buck type lock. There are slots in the front of the bench, in which the steel straps are inserted. A timer is mounted on each side of the bench. The user will first dial the desired time of restraint on the timer, than insert the steel strap which is attached to the cuff, into the slot in the front of the bench. There will be a 5 minute delay, before the timer will push a rod through the hole in the steel strap. This will secure the cuffs to the bench until the time expires. The steel bench must be purchased separately.